The development and evolution of our projects have been demonstrating that only effective programs are not enough, they must be applied not by individuals trained specifically for this, but by graduated professionals with domain in the areas involved, which may, depending on their education and practice, go beyond the limits of scope of the projects, if required.

Thus CONFIDOR have in its staff, in the level of supervision and review, graduated personnel with knowledge and proven practice in the legal and financial areas. These employees receive internal training for applying external programs and courses to their professional development. The professionals at the level of management and supervision must have at least 5 years of experience in the area.

This structuring presents a significant individual cost, however, as a whole, our efficiency is much higher, and the goals are achieved faster, and at lower cost, which directly influences the formation of the sales price of services.


Our organization works in the sense of seeking modernity with an outstanding quality of work and, especially, ways to be able to offer services for market accessible prices thru rationalization of costs and procedures.

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